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3D Effects is a registered company in England. We specialize in high quality of service and cost effective. We support our clients based in UK. We also  support clients from all over the world depending on the nature of projects and orders. Services are provided for Film & TV industries, Advertising, Web/Computer marketing firms, Self-employed and also Home Users.

Our services include Transferring and Editing of Audio and Video Files, Creation of Digital Images and Animating, Motion Graphics, Creation of Special Effects, Manipulation of Audio and Video digitally, Creating Animated Sequence, Virtual Studio for TV Channels, Internet TV (Setup & Maintenance), Family Album, Website (Designing, Development and Maintenance).




I am an accomplished project manager in preparing design plan, concept and layout for video production, TV Program, Internet TV and web designing projects.


Marketing Manager

I am a qualified marketing professional with 5 years experiences. During this time I've consistently delivered straightforward, measurable benefits for the company I've worked for.

Karina Moore

British Voiceover Artist

I am a professional female voiceover artist based in the UK and have several experiences.

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British Voiceover Artist

I am a former BBC TV newsreader, now a professional voiceover and TV presenter with a rich but clear, resonate authoritative voice.

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TV Presenter

I am a TV presenter and actress with years of experiences. I speak English with a very good accent, Spanish (native speaker) and basic French. I can also speak a bit of German.



I am specialised in Camera work, lighting, sounding as well as aerial photo/video with 25 years experiences.

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40, Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor, London, England, WC1A 2SE

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